Extrapolate given 5+ words to 5Kb text

Digital marketing is considered to be one of the most lucrative industries of the contemporary world. However, the most important part of digital marketing is considered to be the content. In fact, among digital marketers, it is often said that “content is king.”

In D Mind we know that. We have recognized the value and power of content and we have trained our tool to help digital marketers make their written content to a whole new level. Thanks to artificial intelligence, D Mind works in a way that all you have to do is just provide 5 keywords and the tool will automatically generate 5kb text in 10 different variations.

After you receive the variations, you will be able to choose from a set of suggested sentences and just go ahead and craft your social media or blog post within a few minutes. It can not only save you valuable time, but it can provide remarkable success to your digital marketing strategy.

D Mind is also super popular between content and copywriters who strive to improve their copies and deliver extraordinary content to their clients. If you are a writer, then don’t fear D Mind and see it as a competition! Instead, see it as one more powerful resource that you can use as a “secret sauce” for your professional success!

It can help you generate revolutionary slogans, taglines, ad copies or any type of content impossible to ignore!

It means to be in good condition with often activities, posts and sometimes, you miss ideas for new ones. Sili can autogenerate for you. Feed him with text about your product and he will generate text. You are able to choose from a set of proposed sentences, posts.

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Random Shakespeare "like" & anybody else texts

Every writer dreams to leave their mark in the literary world just like Shakespeare and Hemingway did. What’s more, many of them give their best efforts to imitate the writing style of their favorite author. Unfortunately, many of them end up failing over and over again.

If you are one of them then don’t feel frustrated! This doesn’t mean that you are not a good writer, it only means that you have your own writing style which you eventually end up transfer to your writing as much as you try to avoid that in an attempt to imitate someone else’s writing style.

On the other side, this also doesn’t mean that you should give up on your dream to craft a book, poem, short story, or any type of text in the writing style of your idol. You have already come to the right place and you are just one step away from achieving your dream!

Thanks to the neural network on which D Mind is based, you can now put on paper any writing idea you can have in your imagination in the style of any writer you want! All you have to do is just select a writer who already has around 25kb digitalized text (available online) or deliver them to our staff, provide your topic or writing idea and we will create a tailored-made neuron style transfer network especially for you!

What does this mean? Well, it’s simple! We will train our neuron network to autogenerate 10 different versions of your selected topic or idea in the writing style of your selected writer, regardless of who he or she is!

If you are wondering about how is this even possible, well, let us just reveal to you that style transfer is a technology that represents the power of artificial intelligence reflected through the capabilities of neural structure.

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3. Random texts about to the desired subject.
Christmas, covid, pollution & anything else.

Many writers see the artificial intelligence-based writing tools as an enemy that somewhere in the future would steal their jobs. Nevertheless, the truth is that no software could ever be able to replace the human mind and, especially not the human emotions which means that there is nothing to worry about.

In fact, smart writers would take the power of artificial intelligence-based writing tools as an advantage to “polish” their work and even turn it into a masterpiece. That’s the idea we had while creating D Mind – to create a tool that can speed up, ease, and improve the work of brilliant writers who want to level up their writing talent.

Based on neural networks, D Mind can easily and within a few seconds create top-notch texts based on a given keyword. All you have to do is just select a topic and D Mind will already start writing a brilliant text on that same topic.

The best thing is that D Mind can autogenerate as many writing versions on the same topic as you want until you are fully satisfied! The writings are almost indistinguishable in terms of whether they were written by a human or autogenerated by D MIND as it perfectly imitates averaged human writer. However, to make you not feel excluded from the process, D Mind still needs the human eye to check the correctness of its autogenerated texts.

To see how great D Mind’s “writing” skills are, check out the sample autogenerated by D Mind below. It is based on the keyword “Christmas”.

4. (2 + 3 mixed) Auto-complete your text.

At the D Mind, we are aware that sometimes writers like to write a text where two different topics blend together. Moreover, sometimes they even try to imitate the writing style of two different writers that are very dear to them.

With that in mind, we have decided to train our software to autogenerate texts that can meet these specific criteria that some of the writers might have. For an instance, they can get to choose which of the two topics and/ or which of the two writing styles should dominate for most of the part of the text, provide us enough digital materials on the selected topic or writing style, and leave the rest on us.

We will then create a neuron network based on the given criteria which will enable our software D Mind to generate you up to 10 different versions so you can choose which one suits your preferences the best.

If you are curious about how is this even possible, here is a detailed technical explanation. In this case, D Mind uses a technology called “text interpolation”. This term refers to embedding expressions into marked-up text.

Sili follows your mind and style of writing after you start with writing a text. Beyond he gives you suggestions with mostly possible sentences. If you are fun of Sheksapre style, Sili can help you to write your text subject in Shakespeare’s style. It could be another poet’s style of writing on different subjects. With auto-complete, Sili gives you palette choices for appropriate sentences and safe your writing time. You can just select from the proposals and decide what you will accept for the chosen subject.

It’s like having a smart machine that completes your thoughts.

5. Journalism, writing

D Mind can be especially helpful in generating bulk texts on a selected niche following some specific requirements. This makes D Mind perfect for anyone who is trying to establish a blog or create a short book.

The only thing that the client should do is deliver 50k+ texts and specify their requirements to our staff. We will then deliver different models of the neural structure from the different training phases of D Mind and each one would be able to autogenerate up to 50 texts as per your request.

This way you could speed up your workflow (in terms of content creating) and achieve your project’s objective faster than usual! If you are not a writer yourself, then, of course, it could also save you a significant amount of funds that you would usually have to spend for hiring a team of writers!

You are a journalist and need to write a long text. You need help with it. Feed Sili with 100kb text and he will autogenerate MB for you in the same writing style.

6. Chatbot, not active for a long time:
Post something autogenerated to the user.

Open-domain chatbots have the potential to become super popular in near future. People nowadays like to entertain themselves online and chatbots are often one of the things they find super useful. If you have the idea to create this type of chatbot then you are already in the right place.

D Mind’s syntax and grammar accuracy are that high that for people would be very fun to communicate with a chatbot that gives them the feeling like if they are texting with another human being. The only thing you would have to do is just select the topics that you would like us to train the neural network that will power your chatbot and leave the rest on us.

Keep in mind that this type of chit-chat chatbots could be a great way to generate passive income. In fact, considering that they are still new on the market, your chatbot could easily turn viral just like some other fun apps did!

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