Autogenerated Christmas Poetry by Shakespeare

# 01

Then I’d post the Christmas log in that stocking I made.
My nails are sharp and tumbling,
My nails are hot, my nails are cold.
in every star shine a love that no star hath brightened:
Then when they come back and stamp the heavens are joyful,
And the Lord Jesus smiles again and again:
This song the holy hymnals repeat,, then,
by all the world’s fair-complexioned lights,
Mine eye hath seen some, and then hath drawn thee,
To look thee in the face, and thence
I’ll show thee my true mind,
And make thee so kind as to love thee, as thou lov’st mine,
in the open air some twenty lights twinkle;

One by one they all dimly twinkle;
Then, in vain, the little elf with all the bells and whistles,
Dies, and walks away, still dreaming of Christmas Day.

So I drew my candle and set it on the fire,
the sun, in such a low and bare shade,
Is a shadow of night: For behold, this great and glorious light
From far away we come to you,
To light the way, and bring glad tidings of good news, -night!
and all night long Love and joy, and peace,
Have gathered there: A wondrous time A glorious time!

# 02

The galleys full of gold and silver, is the time of year,
O ye old friends, for peace and joy.
With Christmas trees we keep bright,
The star that is the light,
The stars that change our colour;
Christmas logs, burning in the winter sun,
Make them cry out,
As the newborn King of kings sings,
The angels sing: And the Child of Mary that is to be
Our Saviour will not, therefore, be counted a sin.

# 03

He comes again,
The angels sing: And God rejoices at thy good will!
When Thou seest the sweet dawn that is to-day Christmas leaves are green and white,
And all around the house are boughs of leaves;
There’s laughter and joy all day long,
And when Santa Claus comes the snowman is in a row
With a bundle of toys that he needs to be with
The sledges in his sled, and I am counting the days until Santa Claus comes.
He is so fond of my hair, that his nails touch it,
And when it touches, he shakes his head and throws it right in my face.

Christmas comes for the Lord, and we must gather around Him.
For the Lord’s glory is in the birth of a son,
For his love and understanding is shown
By His lowly name.

# 04

My face shall burn with the fire of passion,
then will not be found in the cold, but in the crisp, crisp crisp air.
With that time that must pass before Christmas is near,
Before a manger full of toys and decorations comes around,
I’ll not mind the cold;
I’ll not mind the cold either, love’s flame in him, and therefore it is thine alone;
Where it is not self-substantial, nor partaken Of love’s own divine
breath, nor soul’s own power;
In him, love’s fire doth blow, and so the fire is nigh.

And since every part of him that burns, for the time being.
I’d just hang in there.
I’d just hang in there.
This morning was beautiful it’s beautiful,
is my beloved Jesus Christ.
Christmas is come to town; We’ll bring Him glory.
He’s the very best Santa in the whole of the year;,
like a heavy rain upon a beach,
Upon a steep lip of silvery masonry,
With this huge bulwark she resteth her neck,
Or drowns herself in a river’s current with water that feeds;
The poor wreck of her sunken beauty doth pay,
she is said to have a burning mange and a pillow.

# 05

I’m all dressed, and only a bit shivering,
But by the fire I’m not going to bed, to the stable where we worship
Him and worship Him for many a day.

He is our Saviour,
He rose on Christmas-day;
On Christmas-day on Christmas-day you cannot stop my bleeding,
and yet my bleeding will not stop,
I shall give my love so breath to you,
To live in all that you have done for me,
That you have buried me, you did make me live again,
love, that we’ll all be merry next year. Christmas comes but once a year.

The geese, which love to go out into the fields,
To catch the flies, and eat up their fill,
That fills our hearts with gladness and sadness,
I wish you the best, Lord God Almighty.
Merry Christmas, good night, good night, Lord God Almighty,
And I wish you all the best, Lord God Almighty.

# 06

Have given to all mankind
The gift of life,
That we may live, die,
In Him we’ll give our hearts.
the red rose’s leaves are bright,
Its leaves are as white as the snow In the fields.
Now I know, love must shine bright,
in my breast love’s flame of days gone by,
And in my breast my fire breathes.
And in her fire doth it light,
Like a torch that burns in hell,
Like to the torch which doth shine in lightless night.,
she that loves so much hates herself;
And in her burning hatred so inflames her love.
‘And why should I be so kind?

If thou art not kind to me,
If my life in thee doth not get thee good cheer,
’ll be singing, Santa!
The lights will go out soon.
Christmas is near!
When I’ll ’pe open the pack and see what Santa has got,
I’ll jump up and down.
Santa, you have brought me such a delight,
you will see my face in all my Christmas gifts,
With bright decorations and cheerful faces.

# 07

Now she sings, she finds the way, she sees it, she will go
When she sees the way she will not be charmed.

Then with her lips she kisseth on her lips
Her lips are lips that did her husband kiss;
She kisseth on him, she kisseth on his lips.,
but with a cold, or with the heavy cold of winter’s rigour,
Thy strength shall be worn out:
The earth shall not be used for food, nor fuel for horses,
And all our forests shall be desolate.

And this shall seem to you like a festival, with a glass of clear glass,
And, from the blue,
A shining star.
Christmas comes, and it’s time to give your heart to everyone.

# 08

Love hath neither eyes nor ears, nor sexes,
neither sexes neither, neither sexes neither;,
a Christmas tree is lit; An angel walks up to greet us;
Mom is making Christmas-
A true joy to be had, a big present for Santa;
It’s the time to let your heart in;
’s just a little boy, my sweet boy.

# 09

Since we have spent the winter away,
I write a little story for your dear brother
and for our good-will to others.
Christmas is nearer and nearer.
y dear little Jesus, give me a kiss.
Then I’ll kiss her as often as I like,
And never once give in to temptation.

# 10

The angels sang at Christmas
And we sang on Christmas
Day And all through the house,
A band was playing.
the way your beauty’s beauties are shown.
O how I was amazed at thy looks,
When I saw thee in my beauty’s light,
The sun was shining in thy face,
and the wind on thy hair;
But when I behold thy beauty’s beauty in thee, is not so;
your name may say so, and I believe it.
If that be true, then I did intend to say so,
Because I’d like one for you;
but your name did not come up.
Why should I not love you will,
dear Santa, bring some meat for me.
The boy is a good boy;
and to eat with him is not a bad thing.

# 11

Thou wilt not forbid this day to come,
Unless thy dear heart be in love with her,
And when that’s done, she’ll have thee,
And let thy heart’s verdict be my own:
Christmas Eve was.
My Santa came with a bundle of goodies,
All he’d need were an older man to make.
I love Santa Claus, I love Santa Claus every day.
I bought a pair of pink ones to wear to my boyfriend’s Christmas party,
that thy light should shine forth with more light,
Or that thy golden hair shall shine forth like the moon in night,
Or that thy lips some of thy beauty be,
Or that thy lips some of thy beauty be,
is the time when all men die for some sin;

# 12

You shall see my visors shining
Christmas tree with my Mother.
My Father, my heavenly King,
was born on Christmas morn.
Christmas is a time for love,
and for friendship,
A time to shed light on dark forces,
on dark roots, in your beauty have you devised,
Since your own invention had so many a part?

What inventions you did you devise,
Even as ye make your own?

# 13

Through Jesus Christ, our Saviour.
Jesus Christ, our Saviour, was born this night;
And on Christmas-day in the morning
All the nations who adore Him shall sing:
is the time, now, when I shall be your Saviour.

The stars on the top of the mountain
Shine red and white from below;
the snow in the street, and the wind on the door.
y love, in my song of tender praise, to you is born,
That’s mine own in all thy breast.
The better part of a year, though for want of time
To spend with a lover, yet I like it best.
‘”Why should I care, now that he is gone?”
‘”Why should I care at all?”
was a Christmas tree, with wings white and lights shining,
That held up the Christmastime sky.

# 14

Yet he alone is my slave, and I in his,
the wise men said: Christmas is a time for love,
For understanding, for understanding together.
And now the wise men say: Christmas is a time for friendship,
For understanding together.
they in a house where all are fit for a feast,
Then bid them all in their beds, And feast
their hearts upon this dank, rotten and rottenness.
‘Twas then I saw an angel coming
Down a steep hill all these gifts are my heart’s duty;
But when I look on them,
I see none so happy
As when I last saw them.
“Lo, lo, lo, wherefore hast thou fallen so low?
Thou must have me in high spirits!
Lo, lo, lo,, then, let me tell you a truth.
I found my old friend dead in a manger,
And my old friend in bed with nothing but a blanket.
I did open the door to see if there was anyone there,,
now is come my welcome,
My Christmas wish;
A happy New Year’s wish, too.
Christmas, not a time for talk,
Is for helping you get along thou art such as to my sight are seen
To have, and yet cannot make me so,
In one’s own likeness, with thee not made so:
O, what have I not?

# 15

And I wake again, dreaming of Christmas.
There’s more that I need to know;
the Christmas wrappings,
and the sleigh seat,
And the Christmas candle in the old man’s hat.
And when my heart shall sing,
And every sound in the hall,
thou shouldst steal their money,
The jewel in their brow,
or the fame of their chaste soul.